Teri Penski
Teri Penski

My name is Teri Penski and welcome to my website!

What you will see here are some of my traditional watercolor pieces. Painting has been my passion ever since as a young preschooler I found a collection of paintings in my parents encyclopedias of the Dutch Masters. But it wasn't until many years later when my daughter, Elizabeth, bought me a set of watercolors and I learned how to use them, my passion took wings.

I learned formal traditional watercolor in the style of the Old World Masters from an atilier style school, the Minnesota River School of Fine Arts.

I have used my knowledge to teach children and adults the joy of watercolor. My works have been displayed in juried art shows. I have also been commisioned for art and have sold many of my other pieces.

I am a mom of three great daughters who are talented in their own right and a grandmother to four wonderful grandchildren.

I have spent my second adulthood becoming a website designer and have developed a passion for site design, UI layout, CSS, Bootstrap, and FlexBox. I earned a web design certificate from the University of Irine California (UCI).

Please enjoy perusing my website. And thank you for taking the time to do so.